Giant Reign 1 2007 Mountain Bike

 I bought this after I had an old Specialized FSR stolen and in my desperation to make a trip to Wales, with my friends, rather than take the self build route I bought a complete bike. After hurriedly reading up on various reviews I decided that this bike would most suit my style of riding. It’s definately an all mountain rig and has been great. I still use it almost seven years later although most of the components have been changed from the original spec over the years. The biggest change was to the forks. The original Fox 32 Float RL suspension forks with 140mm of travel were sold on and replaced with burlier Fox 36 Van R forks which suit the frame much better.


Giant Reign 1 2007 



Giant Reign 1 2007 @ Innerleithen


Jump Park 7 Stanes

  Brighton Big Dog 2010