My latest build

Woohoo….the sun’s out at last!
After the wettest winter ever recorded the sun is finally out and coincidentally I have just finished building my new bike.



…and yes if the seat post looks low that’s ‘cos it is. Having never owned a carbon frame before I thought carbon paste was another marketing gimmick. Well I’ve been proven wrong.
It’s a chinese carbon frame, forks and wheel rims bought off, custom sprayed, and the components have been ordered from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and the USA to keep the costs as low as possible. The bike is a pretty high spec and although expensive it is, or was at the time of writing, much cheaper than a similar specced bike elsewhere. It also has lots of unique touches for bikepacking trips. There are a few firsts for me here too in that the gearing is 1×11 and I’m also running tubeless.
So I’ll be taking it on a few rides to check the build is OK and to iron out any problems ready for the Israel challenge.

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