I’ve lost my nut!!

Well things haven’t been going entirely to plan. I’d hoped that I would have completed the South Downs Way Double by now but I haven’t had everything I needed to get that challenge completed. The weather’s been fantastic so I’m very disappointed with that. However, on a training ride a small, well pretty big actually, mishap occurred. I’d been hooning down a very steep and bumpy trail when my nut fell off. My axle nut that is. I hadn’t noticed until when peering down at my wheel I discovered the dynamo cable had wrapped itself around the axle.
The axle is a 15mm thru axle which doesn’t bolt into the fork like other systems but screws into a nut. The problem is the nut is a very awkward size to find, 14mm with a 2mm thread pitch, and with two days to go before I depart for Israel I had all but given up hope. Until that is a friend of mine suggested I use a part of his angle grinder! So here it is in all it’s glory and believe me I won’t be losing this one….

Jobs a goodun!

Jobs a goodun!

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