JOGLE – Finished!

Cue ubiquitous cheesy shot of cyclist standing with bike in front of sign post…



OK I’m a little late posting this up too. I finished on Saturday but didn’t want to hang around at Lands End for too long as I had one more little errand to run. Whilst I was battling against the frigid northerly winds around John O’Groats I visited two more places; Duncansby Head which is actually the furthest point by road in mainland Britain from Lands End and Dunnet Head, the most northerly point of mainland Britain…..

So with that in mind I couldn’t just stop at Lands End and then toddle off to Penzance, oh no, this train spotter had to peddle on down to The Lizard. The most southerly point of mainland Britain.

With all the deviations from getting lost and just feeling like taking an alternative route at times Strava has calculated that in total I rode 1091 miles. I’m not entirely sure how accurate that is but I’m not going to argue.

I really want to thank everyone of you who has donated to Macmillans. So generous of you. From everyone I met on the trip, to friends, family and everyone at work it really spurred me on to get this challenge completed so you’re all great. Nice one.

If you haven’t already and you might still want to donate the link on the right will be there for as long as this site exists.

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