No more rain……pleeeease!

was going to update this page on a day by day basis, but due to various technical issues and general fatigue that’s been a complete failure. I’ll post a complete retrospective day by day account under the JOGLE page when I’ve finished the ride.
In the meantime, I’m trying to resist ranting about the weather which would also serve as my excuse for luxing it up in various hotels and b&bs rather than using the tent that I’ve hauled about for the past week or so.
Do I feel guilty..a little bit but at least I’m not getting hypothermia.
I want to camp but I’ve been getting soaked with all this rain. It always seems to happen towards the end of the days ride. Today for instance I looked at the route and thought Hereford should be the target. I don’t generally create a target until later during the day as this will depend on how I’m feeling. The rain got me soaked right through but low and behold I ended up in a really good b&b in Leominster called Highgate House. It’s run by a really friendly and, importantly, cycling friendly couple. They weren’t perturbed by an unshaven drowned rat turning up, shaking and stammering .dwhilst blowing bubbles, room please, need…room. First thing Cyril, the owner, offered me was if I wanted my clothing washed. This was a huge difference to the Premier Inns I’ve been staying at. I’ve learnt with Premier Inns, in the past two days, that if you ask for a ground floor room you can take your bike in with you. That’s great for tweaking whilst watching two squirrels having a wrestling match on Nature Watch but it doesn’t get the stink from your clothes or dry them out does it. I anticipate a fresh new start tomorrow whilst leaving a vapour trail of sweet smelling perfume in my wake. The price as it happens, at the b&b is £20 less than the Premier Inns! The camping was free in Scotland, if you wild camp, which is a fantastic experience in itself or about £9 on a site.
The problem with my routine, and that is not to plan where to be and at what time, is that not always will there be a campsite nearby when I need it most, and anyway when I’m soaked I want a room.
Anyway, I’m going to stop yabbering on and just say to the God of rain, whoever he or she is can it please stop raining, Britain’s fertile enough, it’s been raining all friggin’ year and it’s hurting my bank account.

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