Sorry for the lack of updates!

I don’t know whether anyone’s been waiting for an update but I’ll try to summarise the ride so far…
Phone charging issues, strong cold winds, wild camping, non wild camping, premier inn! Breathtaking scenery, big ascents, scary descents, loads of holiday traffic, some empty roads, lots of rough roads, some off road, getting lost, lots of mileage, too much rain, sun burn, headwinds….Britain can be an extremely hostile environment, loving the challenge yet cursing myself for taking it on as well.
Thanks everyone for donating both online and offline and all the messages.
Hope you’re enjoying the live tracking, it updates every 5 minutes unless there’s no signal.
Due to my dynamo issues I’m saving the battery power for the directions, live tracking and to record the tracks on Strava to actually prove I’ve done the ride.
Going to rest now and early rise tomorrow.

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