The TransContinental 2015

I’m on Le Eurostar making my way towards the start line of the TransContinental Race. It’s the 3rd edition of a race which will see over 200 cyclists ride their own routes via four predetermined checkpoints between Geraardsbergen in Belgium and Istanbul, Turkey.
I signed up in November and even back then knowing time would fly by I still end up rushing to get things ready.
I have a feeling there won’t be many posts from me as the sleep deprivation on this ride will be pretty intense. Also I failed to unlock my mobile so am restricted to using places where there’s WiFi.
I’m quite happy that I plotted a route that I can be confident in using. I think it’s around 2,600 miles but can’t remember the elevation gain.
I have two routes for the final leg between Mount Lovcen and Istanbul depending on how I feel and my placing in the race. One is a competitive route along the Greek coastline, reasonably flat, shorter and faster. The second is my more adventurous route which takes me into the mountains of Kosovo, Serbia and touches Bulgaria. Neither are a compromise as I see it.
There’s no doubt this will be a huge test but so long as I make it to the party in 15 days then I’ll be a very contented, urhhhmmm, young man.

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