The HolyLand MTB Challenge – Israel

It’s been a while, well more than a while, since my last post. This is because ever since last year when I heard about it on Twitter I have yearned to take part in The HolyLand MTB Challenge. This will be the inaugural event and is a self supported race / challenge which weaves it way through the length of Israel with much of the distance being off road and along desert trails. It has captured my imagination and as well as being a fantastic opportunity to see a new country, experiencing the sounds, the smells and sleeping under the stars; it will also enable me to test myself and perhaps see if I am really capable of completing another challenge which has captured my imagination, The Tour Divide.
I have registered (which was free anyway), bought my flight tickets (certainly not free!) and am currently in the process of building a new bike (and making myself broke) so am now fully committed and very excited if not a little nervous.
To prepare for this challenge I will continue my daily 25 mile commute to work and back which may not sound very much but it gives me excellent base fitness.
In addition I want to complete some over night bike packing trips in the UK to test the gear so I am hoping that in early March I’ll be equipped to ride the South Downs Double
So I hope to be able to provide updates on my progress with my latest bike build and what equipment I plan on taking with me.
I really don’t know what to expect from this trip but that’s why I’m doing it. It’ll be an adventure!
Below is a GPX track which had been uploaded to the event website but I’ve heard it could change with the actual route being made available only a few days prior to the event start. None the less switching on the satellite view and it’s interesting to see the sort of terrain I’ll be riding through.


The Route

[map style=”width: 650px; height:650px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” marker=”yes” markerimage=”” lat=”33.2912″ lon=”35.7594″ z=”5″ gpx=””]

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