Tour Aotearoa Day 1

Got off to a good start by covering over my daily target of 110 miles. The side winds down 90 mile beach created difficult riding conditions but I managed to stick with one peloton before being spat out to join a second one to the end of the beach.
The day ended very hard for me but I managed to catch the Rawena ferry with 10 other cyclists so that I wouldn’t have to wait over night. Three of us continued on another 20 kms and bivvied up near a building. The 5 hour sleep I got there was deep and great. I felt very good when I woke up this morning.


The obligatory shot of the distance sign at Cape Reinga. Most northerly point of New Zealand


Feeling nervous at the start


A distant view of an approaching peloton along 90 mile beach


Our bivvi spot for the night

2 thoughts on “Tour Aotearoa Day 1

  1. Penny
    24 February 2016 at 11:05

    Looking great Tom! Am following your progress on the maprogress tracking site – you seem to be pelting along! Weather looks heavenly so I hope you’re enjoying it (and managing to get enough sleep). x

    1. Tom
      24 February 2016 at 12:31

      Thanks Pen. Sleeping on the edge of a volcano tonight!

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